Monday, 1 October 2012

Day two, competition, status and pulling focus

We achieved a great deal today. We explored pulling focus, direct address and how to implicate the audience in the action.

We established competition between Kus and Laura and incorporated the direct address element into their exchanges, preventing them from having verbal dialogue yet ensuring their relationship is clear.

We played with status and discovered that it's most interesting when the two statuses are close to equal. This way there's more nuanced sparring. It's watchable and engaging. The status play feeds into the competition we've been working on.

We learned what's essential to make a competition competitive (a level playing field and parameters). And then we explored lots of ambiguous things and asked what did and didn't work and why.

We played a bit with found texts, trying to find ways to sensationalise the banal and to find the ordinary in the extra ordinary. There are still lots of questions around this kind of work but its good to have made a start.

Kus and Laura both worked independently on a solo piece in response to further discussion about existential crisis. We focused on showing rather than saying, manifesting behaviours rather than telling stories. Any spoken language was incidental rather than expositional.

We've begun to build a language around the work and some conventions and structures we can continue to develop.

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