Sunday, 30 September 2012


A huge amount of jittery anticipatory energy today. We travelled in to Manchester from London, York and Leeds and then headed over to The Lowry.

We spent some time arriving and adjusting to our surroundings, we also did briefings and reconnected with the subject matter.

We looked around the Lowry including popping in to the exhibition of Lowry art works housed in the buildings. The paintings seemed very apt, staring faces with ambiguous expressions, and clusters of anonymous figures like city dwelling drones. We were inspired by the breadth of Lowry's practice. He's best known for his match stick men but he could paint and draw in a wide range of styles. The exhibition gave us a sense of the history of the area and helped us connect with our surroundings.

Then, to my surprise I discovered that an exhibition which included the portrait which originally inspired Museum of Terrifying Example (Spike Milligan photographed inside a bell jar) had transferred to the Lowry and was in situ at the same time as us. So, we all got to see the image in its full glory.

Arriving took a surprising amount of energy and head space. I'm glad we attended to it respectfully and didn't cut corners. The team feels at ease and we all know where we stand following our briefing and discussion.

My next job is to convert the brain storming we did together into doing and action. I'll do this by interpreting the notes and creating a list of things to try.

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