Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Day three - playing with emotions, denial, excuse, explaination

We began the day by playing with emotions using a game called 'emotional roller coaster' where a scene is established and a director calls out different emotions throughout to take the scene in lots of different directions. This was a lead in to more emotional competitions between Kus and Laura to demonstrate to Anna what we'd been doing the day before and to explore further.

Playing 'competitive jealousy' was particularly interesting as it seemed less like a competition with the performers 'performing' themselves uncommitted to the emotion and much more real and believable. With jealously being a key factor in competition this made sense. We'd arrived at a new discovery of the dynamic between the two competing exhibits should we wish to portray them that way.

'Competitive paranoia' was also interesting as the audience were so implicated by the expression of this emotion. It was an invitation into the performer's internal world. It was uncomfortable and insidious.

Our focus shifted away from performers performing themselves performing (uncommitted emotions) and onto one of the other items on the 'to try' list 'constant state of excuse, denial and explanation. We attempted these quite literally at first - 'Make excuses for yourself continuously starting now!' and then looked at more surreal/abstract free association which needed to be broken down into manageable chunks as it was at times impossible for the performers to switch off their brains (necessary for free associations) when being asked to link an 'I didn't/I couldn't/I haven't' to a 'because' in a disassociated way.

We discovered that there was often a cross over from excuse to explanation to denial. The three blurred effortlessly into each other. Some really interesting text was generated.

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