Saturday, 6 October 2012

Lowry residence Oct 2012

This is a photo of Studio 2 at The Lowry where we spent the week last week working on the beginnings of our Museum of Terrifying Example. (Kus Kamau who is one of the performers took this shot - thanks Kus). The river and outside the vast window was a constantly changing landscape. It rained, the sun shined, boats passed, bridges raised up and then down again (though we never actually saw this happen - though there was no other way the boats could have passed). The walk to the building from our converted warehouse hotel was a treat with street art and contemporary architecture all around us.

The Lowry is a very creative place to work. J.S. Lowry the artist famous for depicting working life in Salford/Manchester whom the building is named after was a theatre fan and the complex includes an impressive gallery of his works. It is truly inspiring to see the breadth of Lowry's talent housed in one collection. The vibrancy and colour with which he paints his subject matter (though I realise not everyone sees Lowry's work that way) brought an energy to the whole building and the Salford Quays beyond it. It was such an exciting place to be. 

Further creativity and inspiration came in the form of tickets to see the RSC's 'Julius Caesar' (one of the cast members was staying in our hotel so organised discount for us) which was on while we were there. Lucky us!

Thanks to Porl Cooper for having us.

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