Monday, 8 October 2012

Day five - exploring opposites

We're working in Leeds this week (we'll be at The Carriageworks starting from tomorrow). Fresh from our weekend off we have quite a remarkable day of high energy activity. We try out numerous ideas which were put on the table during our workshop with Julia last week. We're looking it despair by exploring the opposite to it (one of which we decided was beauty) and we're creating a sense of futility by engaging the performers in impossible tasks.

It's all about doing and trying and not worrying or thinking about the end result. Surprising things are discovered by simply trying things out and when they don't work, finding ways to make them work.

I won't go into too much detail because the work we created today is so good that a large part of it is likely to go into the showing. But I will say that a huge amount of fun and creativity can be had with four pairs of tights (which cost a tiny £2.40 from Leeds Market) and I will hint at an awkward moment when one of the performers had been put into bondage using packing tape and the window cleaner turned up outside.

We worked hard today and achieved a lot. 

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