Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Finding the story

Another reminder for myself.

I don't always know the story right from the outset.

I seem to get places and characters who say random things and flashes of images/stage possibilities before I get a coherent whole.

It comes in fragments first. It's not logical at all.

I don't think I'm suited to plot heavy, twisty turny stuff.

I'm more psychological.

I get phases where there is loads of incoherent stuff that doesn't have a form.

Then a penny drops and all the chaos finds its form (a eureka moment) (often still chaotic but something i can see and hear on the imaginary stage in my head, something that works theatrically, sometimes a 'device'.).

I find the story in the chaos and bring it out (pull it out).

I try to get the incoherent stuff on the page somehow, if it’s difficult it’s because something isn't working. 

I try to figure what isn't working. Once I've established what is 'wrong' I can work out what to do to move it on to next stage.

The figuring and establishing and working out is quite subconscious and comes about when I'm relaxed


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