Monday, 22 October 2012

Day fifteen - a really good day

Anna, Jonnie and myself all come into the room with similar thoughts on how we can resolve some of the issues raised in the feedback following the previous day's sharing.

Anna is confident that with some fine tuning of the piece's 'moments' and with the re-incorporation of a device where the action is repeatedly interrupted we'll satisfy the need for some kind of narrative threading. I feel that the sound could be the key to enabling the intent/motivation for the performers to journey through the piece (does anyone out there want to talk to me about intent/motivation and if this is the same thing)? Jonnie has had some interesting sound ideas that compliment both mine and Anna's suggestions.

So, we spend a couple of productive hours incorporating these changes, we do a final dress tech which is filmed and photographed. We take lunch, review the footage, Anna gives notes and then there's a good rest period before the evening's performance.

And the rest is history. The performance goes well and is well received. There's an audience feedback session immediately afterwards and this is illuminating. I really enjoy the feedback. No doubt there'll be another reflective blog where I try to summarise the many different kinds of responses that we received.

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