Thursday, 11 October 2012

Day eight - enlightening review of footage and sound work

Looking back at the footage from only a couple of days ago, it's clear to see that the museum of terrifying example is gradually forming itself. It's quite amazing actually. I feel like this is a journey and a process that I only have a certain amount of agency in. So much of it is simply happening around me.

I made a note to find ways to minimise the risk involved with this kind of work. I'm not sure if it's actually possible to avoid the risky factors of this kind of work but I will be asking a few established artists that I know if they have any strategies.

The emotional rollercoaster is something I was prepared for and I think I'll get more and more familiar with this kind of sensation. I'm more concerned with finding ways to get good results from the outset, so that's the risk management element I'm curious about.

We began to do some sound work today and this brought a whole new level. The world we're creating is very much a museum now and hearing that museum while we work is really helping. The performers realise how much they're supported and enabled by the sound. Some of their expectant/anxious energy subsides.

Laura comments that for the first time she feels like an exhibit.

I have a eureka moment which I won't expand on here because I don't want to spoil the surprise (expectation management - it's only a small surprise).

We explore how to interact with sound and play with this a bit. Jonnie is briefed to set a few things up for work next week.

Having the sound in the room and working with Jonnie who was part of the Elephant in the Room team puts me back into a comfort zone. I feel like I'm reconnecting with my own practice after running with Julia's and Cathy's.Though of course I am permanently transformed and influenced by the work I've done with them.

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