Tuesday, 5 April 2011


I want to change the world. And I don't know how, or why, but I do know that the theatre work I'm doing is the way that I want to make that change.

'Art is longing' according to Hugh MacLeod . I know exactly what he means. Over the past few months I've been driven like an addict.

Something in me wants to communicate something big to everyone else.

And what that something is, I can't put into words, not into logical 'on the page' sense like a blog post anyway. The thing I want to communicate can only be expressed through a live performance, a blend of all the components of a theatre production.

That something is not logical or rational, it's instictive and lived.  I won't even know what it is until I experience it for myself; get a sense of it one day in the rehearsal room.

And then an audience will experience it in their own unique way. That unspoken liveness will have passed from me, to the other creative folk in the team and then out into auditorium, to whoever has decided to be there.

And inside I have this MASSIVE feeling and these veiled yet incredibly clear visions in my minds eye and somehow I simply have to share them and pass them on.

Not doing this is not an option.

There. I've said it.


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Belle said...

It's stubborn of you to say not doing it is not an option. The ideas put into movements and all the other media have been elevated into a good mix of creativities. how exciting!

Gemma Bolwell said...

Absolutey right. This is what we impassioned theatre makers feel, except we don't say it out loud often enough. We'd make a better world for artists if we did.

A passion to create theatre can't be put forward logically (unless it wished to spite its own nose). Theatre is the most imperfect of all art forms and it celebrates our highest endeavours and our downright messiness as human beings in a way no other art form can.