Saturday, 12 March 2011

briefly I am ‘just’ a writer again...

In advance of the next rehearsal I prepare the next draft of the script. The script (ie on the page document) has become more important for a number of reasons. Firstly because we now have a DSM book that wasn’t in place before as Jonnie is delegating the sound operation to Peter, his assistant and secondly because I’ve realised that the performers need it more than they realise they do and I want them to all have a copy to work from/make notes on.

Usually the changes I have deemed necessary (subtle ones at this point due to time constraints and introduction of new personnel and the pressure of the next performance dates) would take place in the rehearsal room itself but because an up to date copy of the paper script is necessary I go to the script and think about the changes from a textual perspective.

I re-connect with my writerly self. It’s very liberating and reassuring. We’ve been working ‘live’ and off the script. There’s been very little textual analysis. I’ve been prevented from connecting with the words on the page as I usually would. I haven’t been through the kind of processes I’m used to where I access my imagination and my internal world and tap into a vision of the work.

Suddenly I can do that again and inside my head is so rich because I know the cast so well, I can picture them in my mind. It’s brilliant!

And it’s so simple. I can erase words and chunks and sections and move things about without the pressure of having to ‘perform’ as director and explain myself to the performers or work through it all with them in a practical way when they feel the pressures and unknown-ness of change making.

I refine and shape the piece (mainly holding off the ‘reveal’ which is currently misplaced and needs to come at the end) and feel confident and prepared for rehearsal next day (especially important after challenge from previous rehearsals – one where I was ill and another where I experienced resistance).

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