Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Good news

I graduated yesterday, gown and ceremony, proud parents and partner and all that. Such a peculiar yet satisfying thing to do. Ceremony is perhaps underrated. Maybe we need more of that to mark and celebrate our achievements and that which we value and appreciate in general.
Northern Creative Theatre have been successful in their application to the University of Leeds 'Incubator' scheme. This means that over twelve months the company will be mentored by an industry professional and by the School of Performance and Cultural Industries. We'll also have a couple of public performances and some funding for production costs. It's a very exciting step. When I look at what we achieved in March this year in only a few weeks it makes the possibility of a year's work seem quite awesome. At the moment I feel a bit 'rabbit in the headlights' about it. I have a few niggling doubts but I am not succumbing to them right now. I am trying to have a bit of a break before I embark on twelve months of hard work.
In January NCT has a week booked in at 'The Hub' which is Slung Low's home on the outskirts of Leeds City Centre. We're going to do some preliminary work on Elephant in the Room and a workshop/series of workshops to make connections with other theatre artists in the area.
Then we're spending a week at Theatre in the Mill at the very end of January/early February. They have an 'open space' programme where we can use their rehearsal facilities and hopefully have interaction with the community there. We may also get some advice/feedback/steer from Iain Bloomfield who runs the place. I've had a request recently for copy to go in their brochure so we'll also be mentioned in their publicity material which is great as I know their PR is good.
So, lots happening. And I'm still editing and working three days per week.
I spoke to one of my lecturers at the graduation ceremony yesterday and he mentioned that he'd checked in on the blog. It surprised me that he knew about it and was reading. I'd love to know who those of you who are reading are so please do leave a comment if you've checked in and read this post.

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