Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Rehearsal report 15

One last session with the Nature Nurture cast before we move into focusing on the technicalities of the production as a whole. There’s a lot of work to be done to explore performance styles against a sound scape backdrop.

Now that the performers have a greater sense of what’s happening they have begun to take ownership of their performances. I am really pleased to see them exploring the silences, direct address, and being forthcoming with ideas. 

Little scenes begin to develop within the broader scenes that I’ve sketched out and the piece begins to come to life.

The direct address at the very beginning of the piece is quite challenging and a tall order and needs directing very specifically. It’s coming along but it needs more work and I’m a bit worried that my attention and time is going to be diverted by the project as a whole and that the opening will suffer as a result. The performer requires a lot of support but there’s only one of me and five other performers, as well as two sound designers, a designer and a lighting designer. I don’t know how much I’m going to be able to feasibly give to this performer as we move into technical/logistical/organisational territory.

The sound scape is coming together nicely and is pretty much fixed now and towards the end of the rehearsal the cues are running along nicely.

It has taken this long for me to feel that I’m beginning to understand where the performers are at, their particular styles and comfort zones and how to communicate with them. This is another lesson learned. I think this understanding has been delayed by the problematic making of the piece.

There is the hint of tension in the rehearsal room from the performers from time to time. The performers are probably tired as they have been at work during the day and then come to rehearsal in the evening. I am running on adrenaline, wired, nervous, very aware of time constraints and really feeling the strain.

Tanja has noticed a glitch in the sound scape where the recording of one of her sound bite is not as consistent as the others and she seems disappointed by this. However, it is not possible to rerecord due to technical and time constraints. I am disappointed for her but there isn’t anything we can do at this stage. She takes the disappointment in her stride.

We run over time wise but the performers are generous enough to stay until the job is finished. In future I will factor in more time for rehearsals on the schedule.

Now I begin to become anxious about the tech rehearsal which will take place on Thursday night…

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