Friday, 27 November 2009


I heard back from the Newstages Committee. They were sympathetic to my workload and rather than producing a full script at the beginning of December they'll be happy for me to present a project plan. I'm really pleased that they haven't rejected 'The Elephant in the Room Trilogy' by default just because i don't have a script yet. Standards and expectations seem very high and i suspect the Committee are being quite ruthless in their selection and rejection of work.

I am also contributing to the Newstages festival as part of a project called 'Herstory' and this week i have done a lot of work on the text for this piece. The text has been put together from a statement of a real life experience and my task was to shape and order the text into a ten minute monologue. Having two thousand words of statement to work with is a much more comfortable starting point than a blank page/screen and an imagination full of incoherent ideas. It has been really satisfying to get the monologue to a stage where i can consider it a job well done and a task crossed off my extensive 'to do' list (and four days before deadline too!). More work will be needed on the text once the performers have been cast and rehearsals have begun and i will be involved in this process, but for now I can move onto the other things i have to do.

So, my next task is to develop a five thousand word portfolio which will be assessed for my MA. I already have the beginnings of three short stories and i'm going to continue working on these and select the best for the portfolio. Over the next three days however, I'm going to start really shaping up 'The Elephant in the Room Trilogy' so that i'm prepared when the Committee get back in touch regarding my project plan. What would be really wonderful is if I could get one or two of the trilogy drafted up to submit as part of my portfolio. It is possible that my trilogy won't be 'right' to satisfy the assessment critera as the module is all about story and the trilogy's emphasis might be elsewhere. We'll see how the writing goes...

I have put out a call for interest for the trilogy. I haven't gone into detail in my call, just said i was looking for performers and creative /team on a small scale Theatre project in Leeds. I've had a good response which is very encouraging. I've only heard from one male performer! I don't know why but I often write male characters so this is not ideal. More searching required on the men front I think.

I have noticed a significant increase in the number of people coming reading my blog. Thank you for popping in. Do feel free to leave a comment or to send me an email.

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