Friday, 6 November 2009

one story 3 ways part 3

2nd person, future tense

You will fall out of the taxi, having drunk two bottles of wine before you’ve even left the house. When you hit the ground, you will not feel the pain because you will be numbed by the booze.

You will notice that your shoes are scuffed and you will feel slightly embarrassed, remembering how you stumbled before, in similar circumstances. You will curse the taxi and all other taxis for having door ways that are not wide enough, that cause you to fall down.

You will walk into the bar with what you think is confidence but it will not be real; your self assurance will be perceived as arrogance. The other people in the bar will turn to look at you disapprovingly and they will hear your clacking heels on the marble floor. There will be a high ceiling in the bar you are in and the clack, clack, clack will echo.

You will wait impatiently for your friend who will take his time in catching up with you. He will be slightly less sure of himself and his surroundings and he will be apprehensive about the night ahead, having spent the night out with you before.

You will order expensive drinks at the bar and expect someone else to pay for them. In fact, you will emotionally blackmail a man who can ill afford it to finance your binge. He will submit to you because he will know that resistance is futile. He will know this from past experience and though he will determine before he even gets in your taxi that this night will be different he will realise that this one will be just like all the others and that every night out with you will be exactly the same as this. 

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