Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Back to Blogger and to blogging

I've decided that i'm coming back to Blogger and that i'm going to rethink my approach to blogging.
I've really raised the bar with my writing. Armed with the knowledge and experience i am accumulating on the MA that i have undertaken i am shaping up a more professional practice.
As Writers spend so much of their time in front of PCs/Laptops working on their writing and because Writers seek to communicate via the writen word it's no suprise that there are stacks and stacks of Writers who write fantastic blogs. These blogs chart their progress and become a kind of community. I need to plug into this community too and to add to the philanthropic melting pot.
I've been writing 'Working On It' over on the TUMBLR platform for quite a while but the community over there hasn't caught on. It's a platform much better suited to those working in visual media, paragraphs of text aren't popular at all.
So am back here with a new resolve and i'm looking forward to your comments and participation.
Over and out.

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stefan lubo said...

Welcome back! to the real bloggers platform and I'm looking forward to the words that will shortly appear on it.