Tuesday, 8 May 2007

china in your hand

The style that had been cut 6 or 7 months ago now hung around my shoulders rather than just under my chin where it belonged. I tried to make the best of it. The length leant itself to a volume and height previously unachievable. However, one morning, as I fixed a bouffant style fringe type arrangement in place, James pointed out, rather delightedly, that I looked like Carol Decker.

I made a hair dressers appointment immediately.

I had prepared for the trip to the uber fashionable salon. I had changed three or four times before I had left the house but practicality had still got the better of me. My footwear was sensible, as was my clothing (i was prepared for ALL weather conditions). In fact, as I settled in front of the salon mirror, with my frumpy middle bits rolling over the top of my jeans, surrounded by the most made up and fashionable people on earth, I regretted not wearing a comforting cardigan. I wanted to cover up the unsightly bits. I was also rather self conscious of my 80s hair.

The junior stylist who washed my hair chatted happily about her love of Top Shop and how she had run up a huge debt there on her ex boyfriends store card. She was really, really glad that leggings were back in fashion because they were so comfy. I tried to share her enthusiasm. I said that I liked those little ankle boot shoe things that were en vogue at the moment. The junior stylist went a bit quiet, as if she didn’t know what I was talking about.

I relaxed only very slightly following the 5 minute stress relieving massage that came as part of the package. My slim, fashionable hairdresser twittered around me and got to work on tidying up my frizz. I was swung this way and that on my chair, leant backwards and hair dryered from every angle. Eventually the transformation was complete.

‘There, that’s more like it, back to yourself again’ said my slim, fashionable hairdresser as she held a mirror to show me the back of the cut.

‘Oh, yes, it’s lovely. Thanks. I’ll try not to leave it so long between appointments this time, my boyfriend said I looked like Carol Decker!’ I laughed, silently vowing to myself to keep on top of my mass of hair and while I was at it, to loose a stone.

‘Who?’ said the slim, fashionable hairdresser.

‘The lead singer from T-Pau’ I said.

‘Who are they?’ said my stylist.

At that moment I realised that my hairdresser, a confident and experienced senior stylist, was, for all her authority when it came to hair, considerably younger than me. So young in fact, that she had no recollection of the 80s music scene.


life strats over again tomorrow lunchtime said...

Actually, in her day i'd say that Decker was quite hot! Hope you're well Northern Creative... I'm moving house tomorrow - wish me luck!
(Another astute post by the way)

Northern Creative said...

good luck with the move elusive commenter!x

illusive? said...

i left my name and everything! the move is over now and i'm safely installed at my folks' for 2 weeks until me new pad is vacant... take care out there...
Joel Edward Garner Esq
aka The Poster Boy For Retards
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- FIN -

Northern Creative said...

well done on getting moved out. Where are you moving to and everything?

Ok ok , i meant ellusive (no spell check on this comment thingy) and was giving you an aura of mystery and everything for the other readers (it's ok. I do know who you are).

Anna said...

Now that's one of the main reasons I don't bother with hairdressers. Not that I dislike young people its just that the ones who tend to work in hairdressers are the sort who would probably find me distinctly odd and I don't want to scare the poor things (for some reason this doesnt apply if they are gay males as they seem to know all about the 80's regardless of their age)

Louisa said...

Good post.