Tuesday, 20 February 2007


My just-got-out-of-bed, bowl-of-cheerios-while-watching-BBC-news, not-had-any-caffeine-yet-automatic-pilot trance was interrupted by the flutter of wings at my window this morning. My cereal was forgotten as I rushed over to the saucer of bread crumbs I had placed on my sill for the pair of Blue Tits resident in the garden. They had been eating from it and were now perching, snugly, on their branches, blinking at me fearlessly.

Washed and dressed, stomach warmed with tea, I locked my door and started out on my working day. As I walked down the front steps, a shy Squirrel scurried out of sight. I shrunk back a little and held myself still. The Squirrel reappeared and made its way up the side of a tree. Now apparently comfortable with my presence (no sudden movements) the Squirrel looked at me demurely as it nibbled on a piece of brick (!?).

Perhaps tomorrow I will make breakfast for the Squirrel too.

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the day is slowly improving said...

you paint a lovely picture there Ms H, especially the stomach warmed with tea line... speaks volumes! previous post was a good one too... hope life and the new pad are well, enjoy the wildlife.
(him in wales who never leaves his name) x