Friday, 12 May 2006

Bingo Wings?

I am 29. I'm 5 ft 4 inches tall, of medium build and have a big bust (though not excessively large). I have auburn shoulder length hair which is naturally curly.

I don’t wear much make up but cleanse, tone and moisturize religiously to stay as wrinkle free as possible. Ever since I had a gold crown inserted I’m extra conscientious about my dental hygiene. My pearly (only slightly off) whites are exactly that.

My dress sense is ‘eclectic’. I’m not into fashion but I’m not terribly out of fashion either. I kind of fade into the background when it comes to clothing. I’m subtle. You could even say ‘Classic’ on a good day. I like to think of myself as being slightly bohemian, one of those ‘arty’ types.

I'm not a teenager any more but when I walk past younger twentysomethings and do not have one of the flyers for the local nightclub that they’re being paid to hand out thrust at me (I’m clearly too old for that kind of thing) I no longer lament. I have come to terms with the fact I'm no longer a student. Really, I have.

I have a steady job that pays my bills and share a duplex ‘apartment’ (well that’s what the flat agency called it). I’m no high flyer but I nestle comfortably within the realms of ‘Young Professional’

Which is why I was especially surprised last night when, as I rummaged in my purse for change for the bus, I was told, by a young man concerned for my safety, to put my ‘bingo winnings’ away.

According to him I resembled one of the over 60s who were spewing out of MECCA bingo following that evening’s session.


The Bum said...


Some old gits just can't accept the fact that they're past lifes most and get an urge on making the youth mad which in turn gives them a kick.

(Reminds me of a Ronnie Barker sketch.)

dormerportal said...

He might have been have a "wee joke" you daft mare. gawd.

phonographique said...

He's obviously seen one of the bingo halls' "young and fun" advertising campaigns and been taken in by it.

(Not that you'd want to look like one of those twerpy women either, so I'll get me coat now as I've probably made it worse :-P)

(I once worked in a bingo hall as a holiday job when I was 19. It was horrid.)